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Managing Director / COO

Kate Murphy

Kate joined Horsley Bridge Partners in 2003 and is responsible for managing our firm's operations. Kate was previously the CFO at a venture-backed online investment adviser, and prior to that worked at Montgomery Asset Management. Kate started her professional career at Price Waterhouse in Boston and graduated from the University of Connecticut.

Before pursuing a professional career in accounting, Kate's early career attempts included a paper route, working at VideoVideo, delivering pizza, typing papers, and a not-so-successful waitressing job at TGIFridays. Kate likes to spend her free time outdoors, and enjoys hiking and sailing with her husband and son.

San Francisco

505 Montgomery St, Floor 21, San Francisco CA 94111‎

If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.

Peter Drucker


America's Cup

The 2013 America's Cup, held in San Francisco, leveraged unprecedented technology that revolutionized how the boats were built and raced, and how spectators around the world interacted with the competition. This was sailing as it has never been experienced before.

If there is no wind, row.